fast casual restaurant
fast casual restaurant
fast casual restaurant

  • Permanent menu

    • Tom Kha Gai

      79 CZK

      spicy soup, chicken meat, coconut milk, Thai basil, lemon grass, vegetables

    • PHOsoup

      159 CZK

      strong beef broth, beef meat, rice noodles, red onions, mungo sprouts, herbs

    • Chickpea Soup

      49 / 79 CZK

      chickpeas, roman caraway, red curry, crushed tomatoes, coconut milk

    • Spring Roll

      79 CZK

      pulled pork meat, oyster mushroom, onion mayonnaise, pack choi

    • Fried Rice

      149 / 189 CZK

      fried jasmine rice with vegetables, eggs and meat (chicken, beef)

    • Ga Tom Homemade Croquettes

      129 / 179 CZK

      shrimps, chicken, sweet and sour sauce

    • Tempura Salad

      149 CZK

      Asian salad, chicken tempura, chipotle mayonnaise, toasted tortilla

    • Vege Bowl

      159 CZK

      marinated soy meat, rice noodles, vegetables, fried onion, peanuts, Vietnamese sauce

    • Beef Bowl

      179 CZK

      beef outside flat, rice noodles, vegetables, Vietnamese sauce

    • Pad Thai

      159 / 179 / 209 CZK

      variations (soy meat, chicken, shrimps), Thai rice noodles, vegetables, eggs, peanuts, chilli

    • Red Curry

      129 CZK

      chicken meat, red curry, coconut milk

    • Sides

      30 / 30 / 25 CZK

      jasmine rice / Asian salad / grilled pita bread

  • Afternoon Menu

    from 3pm to 9pm

    • Beef Burger

      179 CZK

      pulled beef meat, Asian salad, oyster mushroom, ginger, herbs, mayonnaise

    • Vegetable Fries

      59 CZK

      carrot, parsnip, wasabi mayonnaise

Our Story

Spicymama is a concept that originated from a love of food, literally. We are a young couple, we love traveling and good food for which we are willing to go really far :). In the Czech Republic, we lived for a few years a short distance from a shopping center, went to a fitness center and we were always disappointed that after training we could not eat well and especially fast, which was never a problem abroad. Here was the thought that we should try to fix it and Spicymama has begun to spawn. Neither of us got experience in gastronomy, so we tried to surround ourselves with the best chefs from the beginning and together we shared gastronomic experiences from abroad. We have fallen for Spicymama totally and given it a “fast casual restaurant” attribute very soon. In practice, this means that you can find both fast and high-quality food at the same time in our restaurants. An important kitchen design solution for us is to have open kitchens so our customers can watch chefs right at their hands to make sure we use only fresh and high-quality ingredients. We offer you a cross-section of the world’s street food kitchen in the fresh and distinctive style of our chefs, fresh and quality ingredients, a pinch of adventure, the scent of strange lands and a pile of love for food. Thank you very much for your favour and trust.

Lukáš, Aneta and Spicymama team.

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