• Permanent menu

    • Tom Kha Kai

      79 CZK

      spicy soup, chicken meat, coconut milk, Thai basil, lemon grass, vegetables

    • PHO Bo

      159 CZK

      strong beef broth, beef meat, rice noodles, red onions, mungo sprouts, herbs

    • Chickpea Soup

      49 / 79 CZK

      chickpeas, roman caraway, red curry, crushed tomatoes, coconut milk

    • Kao Pad

      149 / 189 CZK

      fried jasmine rice with vegetables, eggs and meat (chicken, beef)

    • Grilled Duck

      179 CZK

      duck breast, Asian sauce, rice noodles, lettuce, coriander, mungo sprouts

    • Vege Bowl

      159 CZK

      marinated soy meat, rice noodles, vegetables, fried onion, peanuts, Vietnamese sauce

    • Beef Bowl

      179 CZK

      beef outside flat, rice noodles, vegetables, Vietnamese sauce

    • Pad Thai

      159 / 179 / 209 CZK

      variations (soy meat, chicken, shrimps), Thai rice noodles, vegetables, eggs, peanuts, chilli

    • Duck Meat Wok

      169 CZK

      duck breast, roasted egg noodles, Hoisin sauce, cucumber, red onion

    • Red Curry

      129 CZK

      chicken meat, red curry, coconut milk

    • Vegetables Wok

      109 CZK

      roasted rice noodles, carrot, cabbage, onion, mungo sprouts

    • Beef Meat in Oyster Sauce

      149 CZK

      beef meat, oyster sauce, mushrooms, peas pods, mungo sprouts, onion, jasmine rice

    • Sides

      30 / 30 / 25 CZK

      jasmine rice / Asian salad / grilled pita bread

    • Pork Meat Noodles in Hoisin Sauce

      129 CZK

      pork meat, Hoisin sauce, onion, chilli peppers, spring onion, jasmine rice

    • Chicken Breast in Teriaki Sauce

      129 CZK

      chicken breast, Teriaki sauce, lime leaves, ginger, onion, peas pods, mungo sprouts, jasmine rice

    • Tonkatsu

      129 CZK

      fried chicken breast, Asian salad, sweet and sour sauce, jasmine rice

    • Pork Banh Mi

      79 CZK / 139 CZK

      pulled pork meat, onion mayonnnaise, sriracha, lettuce, marinated carrot, radish, cucumber, baguette

    • Chicken Banh Mi

      79 CZK / 139 CZK

      chicken tempura, coriander mayonnaise, lettuce, marinated carrot, radish, cucumber, fried onion, baguette